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Neil Barry, Ph.D.
3801 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 390 Raleigh, NC 27607 tel. (919) 791-0706



I have designed this practice to minimize overhead, allowing me to keep the cost of services lower. To this end, I do not have a receptionist, and handle all scheduling and inquiries myself.
I also do not accept credit card payments, as this method quickly becomes expensive and onerous. Payment by cash or check is expected at the time of service.
I do not file insurance, but will provide forms for you to file if you wish to use insurance benefits. If you would like to file insurance, you should contact your insurance company before scheduling an appointment to find out what they would reimburse for my services.
There are a number of advantages for the client to not use insurance. Not using insurance guarantees your confidentiality; no one else may have access to your records. When insurance is used, the company has the right to make decisions about your treatment, what they will pay and for how long, instead of these decisions being left to you.
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To schedule an appointment: Contact Dr. Barry at 791-0706 or e-mail Evening hours are available. Fees: $90 per hour.

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Directions to the office:

Off I-440 (the beltline) take the Lake Boone Trail exit (exit #5).

At the bottom of the exit, turn right (this will be a right turn regardless of the direction you are going on the beltline).

Turn left on Myron Drive. There is a turn lane just before you come to a traffic light. As you make this turn, if you look up you will see a large white building with a lot of glass. This is the office building.

Take your first right onto the circle, and park in the parking garage or in the visitor parking in front of the building.

The building is number 3801. I am in Suite 390. See the map

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